Is there equivalent to RealStudio’s bookmarks in Xojo? I really liked getting back to specific section of my project quickly. For example I want to set up bookmarks for each method in my code. This makes them easy to get back to.

The whole concept of tabs loses me… You can’t tie a tab to a specific place in your code - if you move around in the new tab it only remembers where you last viewed. The tab to me is just another view on your project, I find becomes messy because the tab doesn’t lock to one specific area of the project.

I find navigation in Xojo a step backwards from RealStudio, maybe I’m not used to it yet.

Am I missing something?

Yes, bookmarks and even groups of bookmarks, that would be helpful to quickly switch from one work area to another.

I also wished I could group tabs and save/load them from a menu.

Or save and select different views in navigator and quickly switch between them.

Right now I’m regularly loosing orientation. Lost in transmogrification …

I think the current feature set of the IDE is a step backwards from RealStudio. Personally, I don’t find the tabs very useful or intuitive. Right now there is no current way I set to bookmark or lock a particular place in your project to get back to easy. I am finding I am scrolling through the project list looking for things way more often than I did in RealStudio. Cosmetically the new IDE is good, but functionally I found RealStudio more productive…

A Tab can be locked. Hover the mouse over a Tab. You should see an open padlock on the right side. Click on that and the tab is locked.
The Tab locks are persistent when the project is saved and reloaded.


I see the lock and have locked tabs, but I am not sure what “locked” means, I can still delete the tab, I can still navigate the hierarchy in the tab, so I’m not sure what lock does?

Also, you cannot assign a tab to a method, only the top level of a group of method (module). Bookmarks offered all of the functionality of a tab but would always return you to the specific location in the project. These were also persistent when the project reloads. Tabs in Xojo appear to me to be just another view.

What am I missing?

I remember, way back in the 90ies, when we were invited to Bern to a meeting with Bill Gates - when he expressed his disgust on an issue with the words : “This is completely random”.

Well, this locking thing seems to me as being pretty random as well.

The point is, I need a reliable hook, some kind of anchor, where I quickly can go back to and find those objects that I am working on. Without scrolling.

So I probably would do three things:

  1. Keep the root of a tab locked (I don’t wish to see ‘multiple selection’ any more)
  2. Create the option to save and load different sets of tabs
  3. Create the option to save and load various finder views where the root of the tree remains locked

Now I have hundreds of items in the navigation tree and every now and then the root node changes and I have to scroll again. Now the tabs may change in a similar way plus the number of visible tabs is limited.

But sometimes I want to work on everything which is database related. Sometimes I’m working on UI elements. Sometimes I’m working on business logic. Sometimes I’m working with automation classes - and all of these are clearly separated in my project. So when I concentrate on one area, I do not want to scroll through all those other objects which then are not of interest to me.