Bookmark a method in IDE?

In the IDE I find myself constantly having to go back and look up the same method again and again.

Is there any way to bookmark a method or a project item in the IDE?

right click in the code gutter… Select “TURN BOOKMARK ON”
to use them… PROJECT -> BOOKMARKS ->

Cool Thanks Dave.

That gets me code. Can I bookmark Webpages?

[joke about using your web browser]

Wow, missed the release notes on that feature. I didn’t know those were even there… After playing with these is there a way to show all the bookmarks without going up to Project > Bookmarks > Show All ?

It would be great if there was a button on the bottom of the find window next to the search, warning and messages button to show the bookmarks. Perhaps a switch on the navigator to only show bookmarks to allow focus on areas of interest. The ability to rename them might be nice too.

Regardless, this is great. Thanks Xojo.

[quote=311633:@Dave S]right click in the code gutter… Select “TURN BOOKMARK ON”
to use them… PROJECT -> BOOKMARKS ->[/quote]

You can also use Option-click on macos or CTRL+click on windows to set these or the keyboard shortcut listed in the menu.

Nice feature, but they forgot to add a keyboard shortcut for Project->Bookmarks-Show All :frowning: 3 clicks to show bookmarks, or 1 scroll and 1 click to find the method :wink:

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Feature request for shortcuts to Show All <>



DoCommand “FindAllBookmarks”

Now to try and assign this to a keyboard shortcut :slight_smile:

On OS X you can

Tease :frowning:

OS X has a system wide built in means for users to assign short cut keys globally or per application
That Windows doesn’t isn’t our fault - petition MS for it :slight_smile:

Just wanted to try using bookmarks for the first time in my long Xojo life. Alas, the menu item Project->Bookmarks->Turn On is disabled (Xojo 2019r3 web project / Mac OS X 10.15.1). Right click a method - nothing about bookmarks appears in the context menu.

I’m waging a life long war against disabling controls without telling the user why s/he is not allowed to use a particular feature…
So here I am - in what way do I offend the Xojo IDE gods by wanting to use that feature?

Ah, now I found it. Need to right click on the code pane directly. Not sure why the context menu item “add bookmark” would appear only if you click directly on the code pane, but not if you right click on the method list or select the project->bookmarks menu item. What I didn’t realise is that bookmarks are like breakpoints, you bookmark a line of code, not the entire method. The user guide actually explains ( this so my rambling might not be entirely warranted. Still - never simply disable your controls or menu items if it is not entirely clear why that would be…

The IDE has some strange ideas when it should be possible to do something and when not. I never understood why I need to have a method in a class before I can copy a new method into the class and so on.

I find the IDE can remove focus from the class on the initial click and switch focus to the class name TextField, for instance. A second click on the class will set the focus as intended and then allow pasting as intended (also applies to copying).