Bollingen Software Releases New Password Management Application

Bollingen Software Releases New Password Management Application

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (September 27, 2013) - Earlier this week, Bollingen
Software, LLC released its latest software product, Password Brain.
Password Brain allows users to manage a collection of passwords and makes use of a
local and secure password container.

The application offers an intuitive way to search for a given password, employs 128 bit
AES encryption, affords complete backups of all data, and allows the user to
automatically create unique and randomly generated passwords.

Password Brain was released for both the Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating

Bollingen Software’s CEO, Gregory Crout, comments that “while Password Brain is one
of a number of password management applications on the market, it provides a
uniquely simple user interface and makes securely managing passwords about as easy
as it gets.”

Bollingen Software was founded in 2010 and has developed several commercially
available applications. Password Brain is Bollingen’s first software product aimed at
both business and consumer markets.

Password Password Brain is made available at