Blur on TextField


New on Xojo I’m working on my first iOS app. It’s an event calendar app about gardening. When sow, harvest…

I want to make a Freemium with in-app functionality. Free user can see the next 14 days ‘todo in garden’ and paid user will be able to see without restriction.

My event are in a list and I want to mask some event to freemium user with a blur effect on the fields.

Is there a way to do this.


I don’t recommend annoyingly reminding the user that they should pay up by having blurred out items they can’t use in the UI.

I’d just restrict the length of the list (table) to 14 days, maybe with a “Unlock more” button that upgrades them.

From a user experience perspective this is spot on for a better and nicer experience; a higher quality app.
From a get rich quick perspective, annoy the user - it drives sales.

So it depends what the motives are.