Blog: Programming your own Solar System with Xojo

Hi, just read your latest blog “Programming your own Solar System with Xojo + MBS SceneKit”
Cool stuff but the Images of the planets are missing, maybe you update your zip?

@Alyssa Foley, can you check?

FWIW, the images are showing for me.

@Tomas Jakobs is referring to the link to the project zip file, it’s missing the images.

@Stefanie Juchmes Cool blog post!

Thank you, I misunderstood what you were missing! The link has been updated to include the missing image files :slight_smile:

I think is good to have the link to the blog post here:

I know I am terrible, but for sake of XOJO Newbies and Beginners, would you please increase the size of “MyControl” and lock it to the window bottom and right? (Screenshot). Otherwise it looks like this, at least on my Mac with external display.

Seems like someone opened the project without having the plugin. Xojo forgot the size of the control.

I sent a new file to @Alyssa Foley to upload.