Blog Post - Pivot Tables in Xojo and FileMaker

Pivot Tables will change how you view your data. Recently, I was working with someone using Excel Pivot Tables. I was immediately in shock how fast and easy it was to visualize the data from different perspectives. It’s easy in #Xojo and #FileMaker too.

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I should note that in the download there are three examples file including Xojo Web, Xojo Desktop, and FileMaker and there’s an issue with Xojo Desktop 64 bit HTMLViewer. Xojo Web 64 bit works fine.

When using Xojo Desktop, the Pivot Chart doesn’t appear when running as 64 bit, but works for 32 bit. I saw there are several Feedback cases related to issues with the HTMLViewer, but I’m not sure which one applies to this issue. If you run as 32 bit and then as 64 bit it works. If you close the project and then immediately run as 64 bit it will not work.

On Windows 10 I see too that the 64 bit version doesn’t run the first time , this is caused by the absence of a render engine in the htmlviewer. The field for selecting the renderer is at first start empty and you cannot select one. Before the second start in the renderer field you can select the webkit version and after done that it works.
The native renderer didn’t work for me.

Thank you for that! I did not test on Windows, but I did change the render engine when trying to find out why it didn’t render the Pivot Table.

MacOS 10.13.6 Xojo 2018 4.0

Render did not work (32bit)

Interesting, after running the web version the desktop rendered. But if I try desktop first, does not render.

I created it using Web and copy pasted the class to Desktop. There are a few Feedback cases related to Desktop HTMLViewers which might be related to the issues. :frowning:

I really need to look at how I can bring more JS engines into my Xojo web applications. This work is amazing and pretty intuitive for business applications!