Block collapsing in 2018.r1 IDE

Just to make sure I’m not doing something wrong:

In new version 2018.r1 while clicking at the - in code editor I can’t collapse the related code, it only selects the code. It works at the first level but any other nested block is only selected (and includes parent nest in selection); therefore I’m never getting the + symbol except at first level.

I have already send a feedback but want to make sure I’m not alone, have searched forum but without luck. Using Mac 10.13.4


Just click a bit right beside the symbol :slight_smile:

I’ve made a bug case some time ago when this was first implemented (the highligting) i guess it was 2017r3

Thanks so much for your answers. Clicking a bit at right works, I would never have thought :slight_smile:

I searched for a filled case in feedback but couldn’t find, sorry.

Marked as fixed, waiting for verification: <> :slight_smile:

Please add case 52027 to this one.

May I ask for including version number “after” which a case has been solved ? This would help to make sure our current version should or not include the fix.