Black and white box testing

I was thinking about the problem with Format last night and what its repercussions might be if it was changed while people have been using it in its original format for all this time. Just out of curiosity how many test your commercial apps between releases of Xojo to catch a change that might have crept in due to a fix elsewhere?

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POLL - Do you test between releases of Xojo?

Scratching head. What do you mean with black and white box testing?

Of course, I don’t change the Xojo release when developing shortly before releasing a new version of my software. That’s very dangerous. So I’m using 2 versions of Xojo at the moment. 2015r4 for the current release. 2016r2 for the next release. This isn’t going to change for the new release even if 2016r3 comes out before the new version is done.

In short, in white box testing, you make a test suit that tests your program/routines and confirms expected output. For example you have a function that returns X if you pass it Y. Before you release a new version you can run your test suit on it and confirm that everything is giving the expected output so there’s a high probability that an external influence (i.e. new version of xojo) hasn’t caused an unexpected change in the operation of your program.

Essentially black box is similar, but its performed by someone that doesn’t have knowledge of the internals of your program/routines. Usually this is performed by another developer/department/company (depending on the company size).

Ah, you mean black and white box testing just for Xojo releases.

We tend not to make changes to the behavior of a function unless it is clearly a bug. This would probably be easier to fix on your end by following with: