Bksp Auto repeat

This seems to be an iOS issue, but I was hoping someone may have found a work around for it…
I tested this using Apples Notes program, so I know its not strictly a Xojo issue.

Seems if you enter a large amount (a hundred chars or more) and then hold down the Backspace/Delete button… .it begins to delete your text, and then all of a sudden it erases ALL of it. If you patiently tap the Backspace key, it works well…

So is this a “feature”? a bug in iOS? anyone know of a workaround?

FYI… I spent the last hour searching the 'Net and can’t even find a reference to the fact that key even auto-repeats let alone this issue, and as I said, you can duplicate it in Apples own Notes app.

Well I found out WHAT is happening… but not how to “stop” it
turns out it is a “feature”… but one that screws up my app…
I need to intercept each character as it is deleted… but after 4 seconds… it starts deleting “words”

This might help:

That was exactly my thought originally… but the range length was always “1”, but I will experiment with that again in the morning,

What I did was set up a timer at 3.9 seconds that set a flag… if the flag was set BKSP was ignored…
When the user quit typing for 0.5 seconds, the flag was reset… So they could hold the BKSP for 3.9 seconds, release, and then hold it for another 3.9 seconds… which for my purpose is way more than long enough…


Tested it again… Range.Length=0 when adding a new character. and 1 when deleting… but its 1 even when it deletes a “word”, so it didn’t help… so I guess I stick with the semaphores and timers for now… Thanks again