BKShorts, DynaPDF MBS, Chart Director MBS, & XL MBS = Great Reporting Package

This past week, I started to write a custom report tool for a project I am working on which used BKShorts, DynaPDF, & Chart Director, & XL MBS in which I am putting the final touches on today.

My experience while developing with these Xojo add-on’s was fun, intuitive, a lot of flexibility which allowed me to rollup all this functionality in a one button click on which the end user could produce reports (to PDF & XLS) that traditional reporting tools do not without ALOT of customization and prep work.

If anyone is thinking about an instant boost in reporting options, I would give these add-on a consideration. Moving forward, I now have the framework in which I can easily use on other report request with very little effort.

Thanks Bob & Christian! :slight_smile:

Maybe you want to apply for XDC 2015 to speak about this?
Make a session about reporting solutions and show yours?

Something like that would be great!!

Rich, if you are in Europe next week, you could even come to our conference and show me :slight_smile:

Thank you for the invite for the conference in Europe and the idea of presenting at XDC. As much as I would LOVE to attend, I am still researching the feasibility of attending.

With this said, I am a firm believer that reports are a great topic for any conference regardless of how many times it comes up year after year. Reporting in a sense should be the ambassador of your application. Regardless of how many cool features your application has, reports are a key way to present information to those whom do not use your application and has the responsibility to make the best first impression it can.

Over that last few years, I have built home brew reporting modules and recently dove into add ons to make the job a bit easier since the project I am wrapping up had different requirements. After putting these add-on’s together in one big project, I found it to be a very positive experience in which if anyone is starting with reports for the first time… I would seriously make the investment in these add-on’s :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rich! Appreciate the positive feedback.