BKS Shorts page size PDF DINA4

I would save a PDF file in page size DIN A4, but the page is always US Letter.

In BKS => PritingModule we have:
Default value: 595.140 (for DIN A4)
English value: 612
Default value: 841.698 (for DIN A4)
English value: 792

Sub Action() Handles Action
// Get a folderitem to store our PDF
dim f as FolderItem = GetSaveFolderItem("", app.ApplicationNameMBS + “.pdf”)

// Check if user cancelled
if f = nil then return

// Create an Document instance
dim oDoc as BKS_Shorts.Document

oDoc = ctlViewer.Document
if oDoc = nil then return

// Create our view
dim oView as new BKS_Shorts.View
oView.ViewLeft = 0
oView.ViewTop = 0
oView.Scale = 1.0

// Create DynaPDF Renderer
dim o as new BKS_ShortsDynaPDF.Renderer(f)

// Now Render
oDoc.Render(o, oView)

// Now launch it so the user can see it in a native viewer.
End Sub

The PDF renderer sets the page width / height from the page width / height it’s rendering. You do this when creating the report, prior to the rendering process. Does it display in the viewer the correct size?

The preview in render looks good, an when I press “Print” and choose page size DIN A4 from the printer dialog and save it via macOS as pdf, the page size is DIN A4.

The BKS_Shorts.View has two value for the view size, but it doesn’t change anything in renderer or PDF output.
oView.ViewHeight = 595
oView.ViewWidth = 841

Horst, I can’t reproduce this problem in the demo project. If you can reproduce this problem in a sample project, please send it to support@bkeeney.com and we can try to resolve the issue.