BKS Shorts Now With Report Designer

BKeeney Software is pleased to announce version 1.5 of BKeeney Shorts, our reporting classes for Xojo. This free update for Short Professional users is a major update to the tool and includes a set of classes that allow developers to embed a report designer into their Xojo applications.

Since its release in 2013 BKeeney Shorts has been used by Xojo programmers around the world to create complex reports using nothing but Xojo code. The number one request from users was to have an external reporting tool that let them create reports quickly and easily without the need to code the entire report. With the Report Designer we’ve removed the need to code all but the most complex of reports: most reports can be created in minutes instead of hours.

Included in the BKS Shorts demo project is a fully functioning Report Designer. Developers can copy and paste the Xojo code into their own project and integrate the Designer in just a few minutes.

Reports are saved in a simple JSON string that allows the developer to have reports defined outside of their project. The Demo project saves a report file but a Xojo programmer can easily save them as strings for use in their own document or database.

Reports Bands can run XojoScript code to perform complex runtime actions such as change text, styles, concatenate text, show images and much more. This allows end-user changes in a report without the developer coding it up front and having to recompile the executable.

BKeeney Shorts Professional costs $300 and comes with full, 100% unencrypted source code. To export to PDF (without a watermark) a separate purchase of the MonkeyBread DynaPDF Starter plugin is required. This is a free update to existing Shorts Professional users and a $75 update to existing Shorts Standard Users.

BKeeney Shorts requires Xojo 2014 R3 or better.

Homepage: http://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/bkeeney-shorts/

Report Designer in Action: http://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/bkeeney-shorts/shorts-designer-in-action/

Integrating the Report Designer: http://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/bkeeney-shorts/integrating-shorts-report-designer/

For questions regarding BKS Shorts, please contact Bob Keeney at support@bkeeney.com