BKeeney Shorts Report Designer Updated

Version 1.5.4 released today. The biggest change is the ability to create a report on the desktop and generate it on the web app. We ship with a web example to make it easy to integrate it into your own applications.


Download and purchase information: http://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/bkeeney-shorts/

• Major code changes to allow most classes to work in web apps too.

  • Simply copy BKS_Shorts_ReportDesigner folder into your existing web project.
  • Delete PAF_PrintKit.DesignCanvas (desktop ScrollCanvas subclass)
  • Create a new PAF_PrintKit.DesignCanvas that is a WebCanvas subclass

• Changing text values in the Properties List is now Case Sensitive

• Added Portugese Localization

• Added a commented out example of how to connect to MySQL without using the winDBConnection Window/

  • See winRPTViewer.Display

• Fixed an issue that would cause the SQL statement to not be saved properly in the JSON string

• Added a Default Style if none is in the local dictionary

• How reports are saved so they can be viewed without first having to be in the designer


• Cleaned up some localizations and made some more strings dynamic.

• Made the Report Designer the default pushbutton in Demo Window

• New Report opens a new Report Designer Window instead of copying the current connection. (this affected menu handlers in odd ways one wouldn’t expect)

• Created a Web Example