BKeeney Celebrates Bikini Day!

Happy fourth! Happy fifth! Happy holidays! July 5th is National BKeeney… er Bikini Day. We like to celebrate the holiday with a discount on our products! Save 20% with the coupon BKINI-DAY

Use these handy links to apply the discount automatically:

Create ActiveRecord classes and UI for database driven applications made fast.

BKS Shorts
Create and render reports in your Xojo Desktop and Web applications. Renders to screen, printer, HTML, CSV, and PDF formats.

BKS Tab Control
A classic “tabs control” for Xojo Desktop applications.

BKS WebSplitter
Splitter Control for Xojo Web Apps

Formatted Text Control
A TextArea replacement that allows inline pictures, hyperlinks, and much more.

Task Timer 6
If you aren’t tracking your time you’re missing out on a key metric on how well you estimate and where you spend more of your time.

Xojo Trainer (Download Only)
Learn Xojo (offline) from Xojo professionals with over 15 years of Xojo development experience.