Bitmaps in project

Over the years, I have added pictures to a big project, and I know that they live in a variety of places on my hard drive.
This is bad, and I have lost track of which pictures are
a/ actually used in the app these days, and
b/ where they are on disk

I’d like to spring clean, and also to improve the quality of the images by making larger versions better suited to Hi-dpi

Is there anything that can produce a report of

  • actual file paths of images in the project
  • used/unused status? (short of renaming them one by one and trying to run the project)

Would Collect Project Items be helpful here?

be careful if you have external source code

maybe save the project as text or xml you can open with notepad.
at 2019r3.1 you can right click of the 3x images and open the path.
if the images move and you open the project is ask where to find them.
i use always images in the project folder. i don’t care the extra memory usage.

without menu “Collect Project Items” you can drag dop the images from new location (at harddrive from project sub folder) in the image displayed in the ide.

‘cannot be undone’ sounds scary
Does it make copies, or physically move things about? (If so, yikes, as I have ‘shared’ items and wouldnt want them to go walkabout from other projects.

Otherwise, lets see if I have this right:

Create a new folder
Save the project file in that.
Then use ‘collect Project Items’
and all the resources end up in that folder too?

I wrote an app years ago called Filename Extreme ( You can point it at a folder and get a list of all the files of a particular type, including pathnames and export them. It needs updating (gives an error on open that it cannot access the Trash). If you want a free serial number, please DM me.

That tidied things up real quick.
Now to work on the ‘which ones are used’

Thanks David… looks interesting although not sure I can use it for this particular task.