Bitdefender Windows 11 and Xojo apps

I am doing some tests with Windows 11 (latest preview version).
It seems that for some odd reason the Bitdefender of Win11 marks .tmp files (made by the Xojo app itself?)
C:\Program Files\myTestProgram\ myTestProgram Resources\is-2LH1E.tmp is marking it as Gen:Variant.Symmi.81151 infected.

To clear things up: The apps I tried does about nothing (almost empty app - just shows a button). For some reason when running the app on Win11 it creates a .tmp file in the Resources folder. And that file is always triggered by Bitdefender. Of course a false/postive but still annoying.

Win11 issue or Xojo issue?

Debug or release? Resources Folder is not supposed to have things added to at runtime, just consumed.

May your test machine be really infected by something?

Good question but I did check with Avast Antivirus 2021 too (which is suppose to be Win11 ready). Didn’t found anything.

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