BigSur Beta version number - 11.0 or 10.16 ?

I just installed Big Sur Beta, and in About This Mac it shows “macOS big Sur Version 11.0 Beta”.

However, if your code is using

call System.Gestalt("sys1",osxVersionMajor)
call System.Gestalt("sys2",osxVersionMinor)

You will find that the OS is returining 10.16 as the version number.

No idea if this is intentional or a bug, but something to be aware of.

What are the results using System.VersionData?

From everything I’ve seen, I’d bet that the decision to make it “11” happened after they built the beta.

someone who claims to be an engineer says it will be 11.0: see

Edit: they say it will “officially” be version 11, but that’s not the same as the internal version number being 11. So I remain confused.

It’s 11 all over the place in the dev portal. So yeah, I’m with Greg on this one.

I don’t have 2019R3 installed which is required for that.

However, the reports are that running this command in the Terminal:

swvers -productVersion

returns 10.16 at the moment, so I’m pretty sure all methods of version checking will give the same result

This feels like Microsoft marking Windows 7 as Windows 6.1.

Wasn’t that the other way around where Windows NT 6. 1 was actually labelled 7 ?

EDIT : ah yeah … and they dd that for 8 and 8.1 as well :slight_smile:

Wow, it turns out the answer to “Is it 11.0 or 10.16” is “both!” See

From the latest Big Sur release notes:

That’s part of the story, but in addition the link I posted says the OS will report different numbers depending on which SDK version you have linked to.

which begs the question - which one will Xojo be using

never mind what ever command line tools do :stuck_out_tongue:

In which universe is this supposed to make any sense?

apples :slight_smile:
10.16/11.0 seems to be their version to fix up the OS X = 10 forever and always screw ups without breaking everyones bad assumption that the minor IS the version :slight_smile:
Anyone who JUST read the minor and decided that 14, 15 meant it was some specific version and ignored the leading Major number is the ones who will get clobbered for their bad choice
Apples trying to gently fix that I guess

And for that I give them some credit, because they normally don’t seem to care what developers think or backward compatibility – even if it was stupidity on the part of the developer assumptions. Yet they went out of their way on this one, even before the first beta. Very un-Apple of them.