Bigger WebFile takes longer to start downloading

I have a number of WE apps that download files via WebFile and .ShowURL and they work fine when run as a CGI at any size (10-100 MB) when both starting to download (a few seconds at most) and full download time.

If I take that same app and run is as a standalone WE app, then try to download a large file (e.g. 75 Mb), it can take over a minute before it BEGINS to download. Once it begins the speed is OK. Is this a bug or is there a workaround? Is Apache making the CGI more responsive? Is it loading the file into memory first?

By default WebFile.UseCompression it is True.
Setting this property to false should solve this delay.


In general you should set UseCompression to false for compressed image files (JPEG; PNG), movie (mp4, mpg, avi) or archive files (zip).