Big Sur and the Segmented Control

I am messing around with Big Sur and I notice that the Segmented Control text is black (which is always is) but the background of the buttons is almost transparent when unselected. So when you have a dark background, its hard to read the text. I am using Xojo 2019 R1.1. Has anyone noticed this and is there a way around it, besides putting a light color control behind the segmented button?

Segmented Controls have been “broken” on Big Sur since the first developer release and Apple hasn’t done anything to improve them. There are a lot of styles that simply are visually unusable in Big Sur, especially Apple’s “Pro” control styling. My guess is two things.

  1. iOS doesn’t use Segmented Controls and Big Sur seems to be iOS inspired.
  2. When Apple last changed the UI with Yosemite, a lot of the fixes didn’t come until El Capitan. I suspect that will be the same here, with fixes for the Segmented Control rolling into the next years release of the OS.

It took them several beta versions to fix the window widgets and the proxy icon still remains “hidden” by default. The window widgets were not difficult to fix and we could do that ourselves, but the Proxy Icon is a different question.

Thanks Sam. Maybe they will fix it before the final release.

It’s already gone final, we’re now testing the first bug fix release. 11.0.1.

iOS does have a segmented button control. You can see one in the Calendar app if you open InBox.

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Apple’s human interface guidelines really do push you towards light backgrounds in light mode and dark in dark mode.


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