Big ProgressWheel

At the link I posted above is a new version of BigWheel… that by DEFAULT is the same “gray” as before

but there is a new exposed method called SET_COLOR that takes TWO colors as arguments…

This will allow you to set a rotating gradient of ANY color combination you want… the demo is set to go from BLUE to RED

It can still be expanded to control each petal independant (if you want)… by manipulating the internal PETAL_COLOR array

[quote=84679:@Richard Summers]Cool.
Someone could make a few versions, for example:

Rainbow coloured

That would probably cater for most peoples needs - if not, they could simply edit the colour values in the code, and make their own shades.

Wish I was more advanced - then I would do it for everyone :([/quote]

You forgot Red, White and Blue. Or Bleu Blanc Rouge :wink:

Updated by locking CANVAS in place… Thanks for the catch Michel

Red, Rot, Rouge - White, Weiss, Blanc - and Blue, Blau, Bleu would be excellent ! :slight_smile:

Ok… SET_COLORS now has two overloads

SET_COLORS &c00ff00,&cff0000 will calculate and apply a gradient between the two colors supplied
SET_COLORS(3)=&cFF3200 will set PETAL #3 to the single specified color … Petal range is 0 to 11

Cool. I had though about a color gradient from white to color, but did not get the idea of two colors, which you can indeed set from one to the other, or from black or white to a color as well. Kudos.

Now the other styles : alternate red and blue, and 12 colors along the rainbow.

Amusing to see what has become of a very basic idea :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: you missed my last post

You can now define ANY kind of theme you want… full control over every petal

What is an Overload?

Does the line of code below mean that each petal could have its own colour?
SET_COLORS(3)=&cFF3200 will set PETAL #3 to the single specified color … Petal range is 0 to 11

No. The French flag is Bleu, Blanc, Rouge, and not Read, White and Blue :wink:

Ah, Dave, - 2 of your previous posts have just appeared - sorry !

I want my UK flag - not your French one :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Dave, you rock :wink:

Overload is creating a method that has multiple signatures (list of input arguments) that can do different things
the key is the signature MUST be different

you are talking about the US flag colors right? (JUST KIDDING!)

Smells like this project should go on Github somewhere :slight_smile: Nice work gents!

Now you know why the French and British where best ennemies for so long :wink:

Dave - please ensure your newest version of Michel’s BigProgressWheel is not US centric - remember what happened the last time !

Sure. It may not be a major addition to the toolbox, but it sure will enhance some projects :slight_smile:

You need to make OVERLOADS for every single flag in the world ! :slight_smile:

The Chinese one will be extremely simple. Red all over. But the Russian one may be a challenge. White blue and red does not fit well with white in between petals. Cameroon could be a challenge as well, with green, red and yellow. Now we would need to have a wheel with white replaced by a color. Never ends :wink: