Big got ya here, Variant.Int64Value returns Int32

Feedback Case Number: 64852


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Pretty sure that is a dopant issue,

Consider this:

Dim I64 as int64 = 9223372036854775807
Dim I32 as Int32 = i64
Dim V as Variant = I64

Dim J64 as Int64 = V.Int64Value

Dim R as  Int64 =I64-V.Int64Value

Dim K64 As Int64 = I32

You are right it seems to give correct value.

That also makes me worried though if we cannot trust the introspection on it that the IDE is showing.

??? What is a dopant issue???

LOL! That was supposed to say display…

Autocorrect can sure come up with weird things at times!



I guess it‚Äôs another ‚Äú32bit problems in a 64bit environment issue‚ÄĚ, this time with Format again ‚Ķ

The faulty declaration is inside the Xojo app itself, too:

But it looks like, this is not in the framework, but just for the texts shown.