BIFF Writer quick question

I bought the BIFF Writer from Great White a while ago. I know it is now free and I know it is not supported. I just want to avoid a dead-end if I can before moving on to another alternative. I really just need a quick BIFF dump in to a file, and this would work if I can get past this. In the code this is these two lines:

writer.WriteDouble(2, 1, 1.5)
’ writer.WriteFormat(2, 1, “0.00”)

The WriteFormat method looks like it was never implemented and the other constructor:

writer.WriteDouble(2, 1, 1.5, “0.00”)

creates unreadable files. MY QUESTION, was the format for floating point number never done?

Gawd I have not touched that code in a VERY long time
What version of excel are you trying to use to open these ?
That may play into it
FWIW I use the other free XML writers that are on the site and have no issue and they do support workbooks, not just single sheets, and formatted cells.

Excel 2007. It will open the file if I don’t specify a format for the Double. if I could get past that it would be fine. I don’t mean to take up any time here, I know this is really old code, just wanted to know if the format for Floats was never implemented.

Yes, I have the XML writer as well, was just trying to start with the BIFF writer since that is all I need for this little problem.

It may not have been
My version of that code dates from 1997/1998 or so

OK, thanks, I’ll pursue something else. I tried to use the code in the other cell formats and see if I could come up with it… not for the feint at heart.

you may want to check our XL Plugin to read/write Excel files without Excel:

I have Christian, looking for something more lightweight. If I needed all the formatting that it allows, I’d jump on it, but really need something with a much smaller footprint for this.