Beware of Xojo 2021 R2.x if you use SQLite

To quote:

2021r2 has bugs, r2.1 was being prepared to fix some, and one was related to a SQLITE instability, a DB error I consider a serious one. It was marked as fixed BUT NOT INCLUDED in the release, it was postponed. So I consider all the R2.x series a fail and will wait R3.

Which SQLite issue was this?

You have to ask Rick as I’m not in the beta tester group (and he knows a LOT more about databases than I do)

Hang on a second.

First of all, the issue that came up does not manifest in everyone’s projects. I don’t believe we have a clear understanding of why it was showing up in Thom’s project in the first place. We’re using 2021r2.1 for internal projects that use SQLite without this exception showing up at all yet.

Second, yes, we fixed it before 2.1 shipped but it was decided that the change was not safe for a the short cycle of a point release.

Third, if you’re going to quote someone, at least take a moment to put the person’s name on your post so people can consider the source.


Please post detailed information instead of a vague “SQLite doesn’t work”. I don’t get the exception so I don’t consider 2021r2 a “fail”.


Which part of “You have to ask Rick as I’m not in the beta tester group” would you like me to explain? :roll_eyes:

Or do you prefer to have some people run into the problem without any awareness of where the problem might be?

I don’t know about you, but I use SQLite, and if there is a problem - that according to Greg is fixed but the fix has not been released yet - then I would like to know about it.

Using ‘sort’ as a field name is inadvisable for SQL engines, if not confusing for the reader.

Oh good. That’s MUCH better then. No need to worry or even know about it … :see_no_evil:

But seriously, I’m more worried about bugs that I do NOT know about than about those I DO and might be able to avoid or work around.

So you confirmed a bug, you fixed it, but you don’t want people to know about it even though it is in the current released version? Okaaaay … :hear_no_evil:

People should now consider the source before reading about a bug? Oh, I’ll happily link to the original post so people can “consider the source”, but you have to explain that to those that are so prone to edit or remove posts to outside information (and if you get banned then don’t say I didn’t warn you).

And I think you would be really hard-pressed to name even ONE instance where I was not relying on good sources. :speak_no_evil:

Is that talking about Feedback case 65466?

Either post something with concrete information or don’t post anything at all.


I’m sure you couldn’t resist, but that you are sorry…? :wink:


I never said that we don’t want people to know about it. What I’m asking for is that you not be so dramatic about it.

As a long time user of the product, people will take your statements with a certain amount of weight. If you had simply stated the issue with sqlite and a link to the already existing discussion, that would have been okay. But a general statement saying not to use the release isn’t.

But you didn’t cite your source at all in the original post. You could have just as easily put in a “quote” that the Xojo IDE will turn your skin blue if you use it. Without knowing where the information comes from, one could think that it came from anywhere. And yes, I did track it down last night before I replied to you, and IMHO, if Rick wanted to say this on our forum, he should have done it himself, not anonymously through you.


Why? Sorting in SQL is done with ORDER BY. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but I’m not aware of any engines that consider “sort” a reserved word.


I once had PostGres’ PgAdmin give me a warning for using the field name ‘Name’. It still worked OK, but made me more cautious in how I named my variables.

Even if it works, someone else might have to read/edit it one day and may remove it, thinking it’s an SQL bug.

Well because “name” is on the list of words you should escape in Postgres: PostgreSQL: Documentation: 13: Appendix C. SQL Key Words

Never said such thing here. Never said anything “through” others. BOTH OF YOU are wrong here. If someone allow me to quote myself from the testers area, I will, if not, I won’t.

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Hi all.

I think it is essential in the strategy of any Company, to maintain a high level of quality. Be this a product or service.

I also believe that XOJO needs to improve the documentation and resolve errors as soon as possible.

But some posts that I read go further than offering a solution or recommendation.

I really think this is overblown. The error is extremely rare. We at least know what is going on, it’ll be fixed next pass. No big deal.


So that’s what happened to your avatar…