BevelButtons in 2019r2

Whenever I restart Xojo 2019r2 and open up my project, the BevelButton.Caption Alignment property in the Inspector Panel resets to Left, when it had been saved as Center. Also the Button Style resets to PushButton when it had been saved as Toggles. This impacts all of the BevelButtons in my project.
The project was originally developed under Xojo 2016 and I have migrated it along with the various Xojo releases
Is this a new feature? Is it unique to Macs?
I would like to know if others have encountered this before I submit a bug report

BevelButtons were broken in 2019R2.

It is a known R2 bug. So, R2 is unusable if you dont want to replace all your bevel buttons in your proyect.

Thank you for your replies.
I can work around it if I set the captionalignment and buttonstyle properties to values I want in the Opening Event of the code so that they get set when the program runs. Luckily I don’t have too many bevelbuttons in my project; but I wonder what other surprises await me…

@Norman Palardy wrote a substitute that many people are using. Have a try and see if it fits as a workaround for you.

Those are not the only properties broken. Also, the buttons are left in a really bad state. So, if you really want to stay in R2 and use Bevels, maybe the best option is to delete them and put new R2 ones to avoid further problems