BevelButton Icon on Mac is too small

I created a FC for that which was closed and not reopened:

I provided the icon in all three sizes but it is still displayed wrong.
On windows it is pixelated and on mac it is displayed too large.

Please see the second attachment in the FC.
Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

Looks okay for me.

You can put your non-Retina display into Retina-mode in the System Preferences. If you do a bug report then add screenshots for what you see as error.

Screenshots are in the second attachment.

Hadn’t seen those, sorry.

The picture seems to be automatically scaled on Windows. But not on the Mac.

Hmm… no. The bug is a different one on the Mac side: even in the IDE the bevel button seems to use the 2x image and not the 1x as it should for non-HiDPI. The button is 24x24 and the smallest image is 16x16. The problem is the same for HiDPI.

The image is scaled down - but not correctly - if you delete the 3x version.

Yes, in the IDE, bevelbutton is displaying the largest image in the imageSet, regardless of the screen resolution. We have a case for it, but we have to fix one or two other things before we can do this one.

I wouldn’t mind if it was only in the IDE ;-).
The problem (apart from the closed FC) is that on Windows the icon is pixelated and on Mac the icon is displayed too large:



@Norman Palardy is this really the same bug as <>?
Because Björn always mentions in the FC that the icon is displayed wrong in design mode but correctly if you run the project.

As I am getting no answer I just requested to reopen the case again.

May I get an answer?
I’d like to replace all the PictureButtons (Einhugur plugin) in our projects with the built-in Bevel Button but I can’t do this if this bug exists.


Your alligator image has a weird DPI. I attached a project showing you there are no issues to the Feedback case.

The images are set to 90 DPI
At that DPI they probably should be 22.5 pixels wide & high

With them being 16x16 @ 90DPI they are scaled UP as they are “smaller” than 16x16 @ 72 DPI
And scaling them up results in them being jagged - and theres no fix for there not being enough pixels to scale up smoothly

Not sure why they are 90 DPI but if you make them 16x16 @ 72 DPI things should just work nicely
Or make the canvas sizes larger than 16x16 so they dont need to be scaled up (1x = 23x23, 2x = 46x46, 3x = 69x69)

Basically this isn’t a “bug” in the ide or runtimes but in the images supplied

Okay, thanks.
The icons are form an icon set we bought.
I thought they were 72 DPI - obviously not.