BevelButton discrepency

Hi all,

I copy/Paste a BevelButton’s four Events from one project to another,
changed the Icon (to a different image)
I removed the SQLite code
I put wAgenda.Show at its place.

I have code to invert (as shared here sometimes ago, from the LR), the Icon image that works great.

BUT: in the original project, it works 100% great while in the new project, it react when I have a window above that one to the Mouse Move above it.

I do not understand.

PS: I checked both the code (I copied the Events so how the code could be changed ?) and the simple change I’ve done.

My only solution is to go back to use a second (inverted) image to simulate a Mouse Click (MoveEnter/Exit/Up/Down) :frowning:

Doh ! I forgot to mention Xojo 2015r1 / El Capitan .6 Intenet OFF *)

  • As strange as it seems, I have access to a Wifi hot spot that works with my Windows 10 mlaptop (I wrote this from there and it sis a pain for ma) while m to the Xojo servers !cOS laptop refuse the connection (in fact it told me I am connected, but no traffic at all; even Xojo call home does not goes

I reverted the code to use two images: the standard one and the one with inverted colors when a click. I removed MouseEnter / MouseExit and my Canvas behavior seems OK.

BTW: sorry for the strange text above; Windows 10 behavior: when your hand is too near the TouchPad, the cursor goes bersek (elsewhere in the window and the typed text goes there :frowning: