BevelButton Caption Placement ?

I use a bunch of BevelButtons on a Table of Contents window (ToC) and have troubles with the Captions…

Iwant to get the Caption below the BevelButton’s Icon, but I only get it inside (centered) of the icon :frowning:

Idea ?
Or… must I use a Label for that ?

Used code (temporary, Target will be used later):

// Preferences BevelButton BB_Preferences.Icon = Preferences_Icon_MacOS_On BB_Preferences.CaptionPlacement = 4

The BevelButtons are 150 x 150 and so are the icons (centered inside that area).

Use a canvas subclass. Code it to draw the icon and caption as you wish. Then creating multiple instances for your ToC will be easy

This works for me on 2018 on a Mac with a 16x16 icon.

Me.CaptionPlacement = 4 //below icon Me.CaptionAlign = 3 //center Me.IconAlign = 4 //top Me.IconDY = 8 //pixel offset - adjust to suit

Thanks for your answers.

My conclusion: caption does not works, use Label(s).

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