BevelButton black outline

Hi everybody,

First thing first: sorry for my english, will do my best to explain my problem the best way…

I’m fairly new to Xojo and still learning it. I tried so many language to do this app: javafx, wpf, pyqt…but finally will give Xojo a chance. Why? Easy access to SQLite and if I want to sell my app I can.

To my little problem now…

I’m creating a rpg campaign planner… In the top of it there is like a toolbar. In this toolbar, I just want icon that will act like button (flat button). To create the toolbar I just put a rectangle with a fillcolor on the top of the window. And on this rectangle I put a bunch of BevelButton. The buttons have the same backcolor as the fillcolor of the rectangle. Everything is fine but I have this black outline around all of the buttons.

My question: is there a way to get ride of this black outline? To have lire “real” flat button.

Thank you!


Why don’t you use the built in Xojo Toolbar?

Thanks a lot Roger!

I didn’t even see that there is a built in toolbar! My bad!

It will be perfect for what I intend to do

(Note to myself: take the time to have a better look to the examples!!!)

Thank you!