Bevelbutton / Bevel

Why can’t I see any difference by changing the Bevel property of a BevelButton ?
Neither which I select it does not change anything to the button.


What OS?

Value	Description
0	Small bevel
1	Normal bevel
2	Large bevel
3	Rounded bevel (macOS only)
4	No Bevel (Windows only)
5	Round (macOS only)
6	Large Round (macOS only)
7	Disclosure (macOS only)

On Mac, there aren’t any additional styles anymore. BevelButton is so old Apple recommends not using it.

Ah well that’s what I get for being a Windows dude :wink:

I’m using Windows.
If I select ‘No Bevel’ the button has no outlines (correct).
But between Small, Normal, Large I can’t see no difference.


What is ironic… If you write a macOS app using Swift or ObjC… most all of those “styles” work

Ah, that’s because Xojo’s BevelButton isn’t the Cocoa one :slight_smile:

Oh I know that… the irony is that Apple says not to use them… when in fact checkbox etc are subclasses of NSButton