Bevel buttons oversized icons in IDE mode

Hello Guys,

Anybody has this issue? Im making a custom tab bar to be able to have same UI on windows and mac as the Builtin changes according to OS , and it seems that while adding the icons in the IDE they go like crazy . Any idea how to fix this ? should i not put that in the designer and add it in the button open event ? as its like weird there , and it seems that as well are differences between windows and mac, on windows it shows ok, when on mac the long description buttons it gets cut so i might have to dynamically resize buttons according to the OS .

Thanks in advance.


Looks really nice. Are you mixing Retina with non-Retina images? How do you do the drawing of the buttons?

I have this issue if I use retina Image-object as icon of BevelButton.
It shows like this even if I have retina display. But only in IDE, when running app it shows correctly.

It is a reported bug. I thought it was Windows only, in HiDPI mode.

Fortunately, the run is OK.

I just checked, feedback://showreport?report_id=46166 appears to have been fixed. With some luck, for 2017R1.

But it is Windows only.

If you see this in macOS, you should file a bug report.