Bevel Buttons Caption not rendering properly on High DPI Displays

I have Bevel Buttons with icons. The icons are aligned top, the caption below graphic. On High DPI it looks like this., The caption overlaps with the icon.

Normal DPI is OK. Also if I switch of High DPI support, but then the app looks ugly on High DPI Displays.

I wonder if you get the same result when you build your app or just under the IDE.

I’m curious… why are you not using the Toolbar Control?

I just tried it, it looks like you have found a bug.

That is a different discussion. :wink:

I would reverse that and ask why the IDE doesn’t use the ToolBar control - or at least not the ToolBar control in the framework.

I don’t use the Toolbar because it is not as refined on Windows and Linux and doesn’t look like the ToolBar on Mac OS. Using BevelButtons (when they work) provides platform consistency. Also, using BevelButtons allows easier control of the icon size displayed and turning the Caption on and off so that we can provide the display options in a Contextual menu like in REALStudio. Also, using BevelButtons in a Container allows me to show and hide the controls properly on all three platforms with a simple bit of embed and close.

Off topic: in a year when Apple patronisingly have adverts in which a youth asks ‘whats a computer’, isnt it odd that we still use a floppy disc as a Save icon?

It’s as topical as this for a speed camera:

@Jeff Tullin : why do you pollute this discussion?

@Alberto De Poo
It’s the same failure in the building app.

It looks like Bevel buttons with icons and text are unusable at High DPI Displays. The Toolbar is no alternative for me because I want to change the Back Color and Text Color. I will send a bug report.

@Dierk Walter - you could consider using graffitisuite

This is why my “ToolBars” are now a container with canvases and labels with the MouseDown/MouseUp events handling the UI events. I can provide HiDPI support, multiple icon sizes, and text beside or below the icons (or no text). It looks like this: