Bevel Button

Slowly getting to know Xojo. For me it is for fun and loving it.
Using Xojo 2015r2 on win8.1.
Try to use the Bevel Button but unable to get the bevel properties to work.
whichever I select it still looks like the boring basic push buttons.
Doing something wrong?.
It would be nice if they look on the window as they look in the Library selection panel.
I use windows but like the Mac styles.

Did you check if the bevel style you selected is supported by Windows?

(From the LR):

[quote]Value Description
0 Small bevel
1 Normal bevel
2 Large bevel
3 Rounded bevel (Max OS X only)
4 Introduced 5.5 No Bevel (Windows XP and Vista only; see Notes)
5 Introduced 5.5 Round (Max OS X only)
6 Introduced 5.5 Large Round (Mac OS X only)
7 Introduced 5.5 Disclosure (Mac OS X only)[/quote]

Thank you Ulrich,

I bit disappointed. The bevel control is not use for windows users, I will use the Canvas for everything and use my own graphics to generate the effects.

Not cheap, but you should look at the marvelous GraffitiSuite.
GraffitiButton has many forms and can also contain an icon.

Thank you Paul. As you said, not cheap. I have a free button making program and can make buttons at no cost. Just need a click action using one of the other controls like the canvas to store this graphic button. There are 3 buttons in the Xojo that do basically the same thing. it would be nice to have just one with more properties at least to contain an icon.

Canvas with MouseDown makes a pretty decent button. That is probably what is used for Graffiti Suite.

As for button styles, Xojo uses the native controls provided by Windows. It means you cannot expect anything but square corners, as this is the only style available from the system.

BTW, I have been using a Windows software called Crystal Buttons for quite a while that has the advantage of being simple enough not to spend a whole day polishing a single button, while enabling good control IMHO. I even regularly use it on Mac with CrossOver. It generates pictures files that later can be used in Xojo Web, HTML sites or canvases.


I’d use Canvas with MouseUP not MouseDOWN so it works like standard Windows buttons. Most people expect the MouseUP event to fire the button so if they move mouse outside the button before releasing the action doesn’t take place.