BetterContainerControl again

A while ago I had a problem with the container subclass BetterContainerControl. See . Eli Ott made a version that didn’t have the crash that I originally had. Unfortunately, I didn’t test fully 2 months ago. The crash didn’t occur again, but the new code doesn’t do anything. The VisibilityChanged even doesn’t fire when it should. For an example see

Mac OS 10.10.2, Xojo 2015r2.

You started the other thread back in March with the idea that Paint was “unelegant”. Is it not somewhat futile to waste two months chasing the activate wild goose, while indeed Paint fires reliably as soon as the CC becomes visible, as it is supposed to ?

Been busy with other stuff and I’m just today revisiting this part of my code. So no wild goose chase. I had hoped to get this BetterContainerControl working. After 2 months the code looks totally new anyhow.