Better iOS build messages

We really need better messages:

This should really be in the error log, not a mesagebox.
And show more details.

Like a sentence:

Please verify the build identifier and the app name match one of the profile files in ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles
folder and if needed create a matching one using Xcode or Apple’s developer website.

Maybe also include a link to a help page.



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If you run DecodeHex on that string, what do you get?

Sorry I found it:

If identity consists of exactly forty hexadecimal digits, it is instead interpreted as the SHA-1 hash of the certificate part of the desired identity. In this case, the identity’s subject name is not considered.


Well, the error message should tell the user what’s wrong and what to do.
I fixed it here ,but this should be better for new users.


Actually what they’re doing is very smart. Chances are, no two identities are going to have the same sha1 hash so using that means they don’t have to deal with the ambiguities of having a person belonging to two different teams (something I experienced last year).

But I don’t think these have to do with profiles. IIRC, that error comes from codesign so it’d be a missing or (more likely) an expired certificate that’s the problem.