Beta tester ID

I send to a tester a sandboxed app of mine. I sent also the login data (email.addr + password) entered under the section Sandbox Testers of iTunes Connect.
He has got his own Apple ID, yet, launching the app, when the expected dialog shows up, after clicking Sign In he gets the following alert:
(My translation from Italian):
“This Apple ID has not been yet used on the Apple Store”, and he is advised to verify his account-data.
Clicking Verify, he gets a Welcome to Mac App Store. Clicking Continue, a message says that the session has expired.
Yet, with the same data I can test the same sandboxed app.

Moreover, does a mac-user have to have an Apple ID to test sandboxed apps?


Yes. And it seems he has a Cache Issue. Did he already restart the MAS or reboot his Mac?

The main tester has got his Apple ID. I’ll tell him to reboot his Mac (sorry, I dont undertand “restart the MAS”).

Restart the Mac App Store (MAS) :slight_smile:

The blind now can see!