Best Xojo Windows version for least amount of trouble

All, I currently use 2021r1 and I am currently on maintenance and can move up to what version I want. In order to stay somewhat current, I’m looking to move up my Xojo version a little, so that I don’t fall to far behind. What is the best version for Windows to move to, that will cause me the least amount of problems? I do not want to do anything with API 2 at this time, just too many other business things going on. 2021r1 gets the job done for me, but if I can see some bug fixes and performance improvements in the IDE (and my complied code for that matter), I’d like to explore. I just don’t have time to be re-writing code at this time. I thought I recall a thread on this topic a little while back, but cannot find it.

Any help would be great!

API 1 code will continue to compile and work for some time to come. You do not have to switch to API 2 to use newer versions of Xojo. There was a performance gain with 2023r4. It would be worth a look.


Keep in mind that most of the IDE code was still API 1 when I left two years ago, so this probably means “for the foreseeable future”.

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2023r4 Is to me the best version so far.
If you are working on web apps, there might be some code changes that you need to do.
But they are worth it.

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Thanks for the information folks. Just Windows and Mac Desktop apps, nothing for web or mobile. I’ll try 2023r4 this weekend. I did a quick try of 2023r1.1 sometime last year and my apps seemed to compile and run OK, although I didn’t spend any time formally testing. But if 2023r4 has some worthwhile enhancements, I’ll start with that and work back if I need to. Thanks again!