Best Xojo Thumbnail Class

Does anybody know of a really good Xojo class for thumbnails. I’ve tried FGThumbnailCanvas but I cannot work out how to edit thumbnail items for the array of thumbnails. It would be nice to have multiselect, and drag and drop capabilities. It would be nice if it was free. But please only tell me about the best, free or paid-for.


Sounds like this wouldn’t be a perfect fit, but you can check it out regardless:

Oh you know what, I think you’re looking for something to display an array of thumbnails, not create thumbnails. My mistake, disregard.

What is Your target platform. Windows or OS X?

Indeed, Mac or Windows? On Mac, you can use CGImageSource to very quickly extract thumbnails. Windows… I don’t know enough, except perhaps to try and read the meta data.

On Windows I use the FGThumbnailCanvas without any problems. But I don’t use drag and drop. On Mac I use the native IKImageBrowserView via MBS for displaying the thumbs.

For creating thumbs I use also the MBS plugins with the following code:

  ' nThumbsize=256
  dim g as FolderItem
  dim ji as JPEGImporterMBS
  dim je as JPEGExporterMBS
  dim cTemp, cNewFile as string
  dim nFaktor as Double
  dim nWidth, nHeight as integer
  dim p as picture
    #if targetMacOS then
      dim c as new CGImageSourceMBS(g)
      dim img as CGImageMBS
      dim d as new Dictionary
      img = c.CreateThumbnailAtIndex(0, d)
      p = img.Picture
      ji=new JPEGImporterMBS
      if ji.ReadHeader then
        if ji.Width > 4000 then
        end if
      end if
      nWidth = ji.Width
      nHeight = ji.Height
      if (nWidth = 0) or (nHeight=0) then     // Division durch Null, leeres Bild
        return -6
      end if
      p = ji.Picture
      if nWidth > nHeight then 
        nFaktor = (nHeight/nWidth)
        p = p.ScalingMBS(app.nThumbKompression, app.nThumbSize ,(app.nThumbSize*nFaktor)) 
        nFaktor = (nWidth/nHeight)
        p = p.ScalingMBS(app.nThumbKompression, (app.nThumbSize*nFaktor), app.nThumbSize)
      end if
    if (p <> nil) and (p.Width > 0) then
      if utils.DateiExt(cDatei) = "JPG" then
        cTemp = cNewFile + cDatei
        cTemp = cNewFile + utils.DateiOhneExt(cDatei)+".JPG"
      end if
      je=new JPEGExporterMBS
        utils.MsgDlg "error..."
      return -7
    end if
  end if
  p = nil
  return 0

Yup CGImageSource is so wickedly fast, and it’s even faster when accessing images that are in your iPhoto/Aperture library so Apple do even more magic!

for making a thumbnail and saving it to a file which is the better method and why
MBS method or ?
CBImageSource ?

CGImageSourceMBS in MBS Plugin can be used and is quite fast on Mac.
For Linux and Windows you need something different.

For JPEGImporterMBS we have flags which allow you to read every nth Pixel only and get a smaller picture faster without decompressing all data.

I found that GraphicImagick by MBS is an easy plugin to use for Thumbnails