Best way to perform a "collect project" action?

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I told the IDE to perform the “collect project items”. I did this in 2017r1.1 on a linux box. Save the project first to a new name then clicked the IDE command to perform the action. It had a couple of errors saying that the items already existed - they were images/icons. I deleted them from the project and reclicked the collect project items again. Compiled on the linux box - appeared to be all good. Copied the single file to a thumb drive. Moved it over to my main windows machine, loaded in 2017R1.1 and the compiler showed MANY items missing asking where to find them.

My question is - what did I do wrong? BTW, before the the collection, and before AND after doing the project save as name change, I compiled on the linux machine without trouble - so I know it worked.

BTW, the whole reason to do this is to upload the project to Xojo engineers to solve one of the many feedback issues…

Direction would be appreciated!
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a) The Xojo persons should be able to use your project as is.
b) Arbed ( is also available for Linux. This app can collect your project items.

Collect project copies the external items into the same folder as your project file. It does not make them internal. You should have more than a “single file” to copy over. It should be the whole folder.

Not when its missing items that stop it from compiling I cant

@Tim - What’s the name of the folder - is it the same as the project name?

@Norman - back in Dec I was told by other Xojo staff that is was complete. I think what you saw was the result of a bug in my code that was never revealed under windows compiling to Linux. The project/code I was trying to gather does compile completely on a Linux machine to Linux ARM. Thought that doing a collection would make it easiest to upload all at once being sure that all of the pieces are included.


The folder that your project is in. All Collect Project Items does is copy them into the current folder so they’re all in one place.

The project is in a folder with many other folders. I thought it collected them to make one large project file.

Thanks for the tips!

When the collection is performed, are the files copied from their location, or moved from the current location to the folder of the project?



Thanks Tim.