Best way to know the latest MBS plugin version covered by an expired licence


There are times where I’m wondering which is the most recent version covered by an expired licence.
I’m aware of the e-mails asking me if I want to renew my licence, but they come more than once for a given expiration and don’t tell the last version I can use; I could search among all the a-mails and make guesses, but I don’t think it’s reliable.

There’s also the 3rd parameter of the registerMBSPlugin method (e.g. 202201), probably the best guess, but a month can cover several versions.

Or I could install an older plugins set, quit the IDE, install a newer plugins set, try if my licence is valid for it and loop through all this until the licence is too old for that plugin version and then reinstall one version earlier. Time consuming.

However, I can’t seem to find a direct, best, way to know which is the latest version covered by a past licence.

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That parameter is year + month, so it is January 2022 and version 22.0.

The fact it’s year+month, I was aware of. But can there be more than one version in a given month?

22.0 was mid January and 22.1 in mid March.

So usually there is only one release every two month with a few pre-release between.

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My issue is about pre-releases, then. Are they considered “beta” or, rather, legit to use for everyday?

If you use Plugins Pro to generate your RegisterMBS function it tags the version at the top, and your project won’t even compile if the plugins are newer than your key.

// Check MBS plugin version against the obfuscated key
#if  BuildConstantsMBS.Year > 2022 or _
  (BuildConstantsMBS.Year = 2022 and BuildConstantsMBS.Month > 5) then
  #pragma Error "Active MBS Plugins are newer than this license key."
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I find it is much easier to never let my plugins expire. That may not be the case some day when I retire and have to pay for them out of my own pocket though…