Best way to do TabPanel

I am redoing an old RB app in Xojo Web. The RB app used a TabPanel (with 3 tabs).

I have seen the TabPanelExample which uses WebSegmentedControl. This seems like the best way to do it. However, the WebToolbar looks like it could do this too (I saw the ToolbarExample as well).

I suppose another option would be to just use WebButtons to hide/show the 3 separate subpages (what used to be the tabpanels).

Which of these would work the best? I have read that there have been problems with WebToolbar (but maybe not anymore). Using WebButtons seems the simplest approach to me but I wouldn’t know what to use for the subpages.


The way I’ve done it is to create a container control for each “panel” then place all panels on the webpage with only the default one visible. I then use a web toolbar to switch visibility between the containers. You can see the effect at

Web Custom Controls includes the jQueryTabs control. You can create/remove tabs at runtime and attach containers to them for automatic tab switching.