Best way to deal with Static Data

I am unclear of the best practice for handling somewhat large static data in an application. My data files are a few MB in size and are .tab formatted. I’ve written a desktop version of my app that simply imports these files into a few Dictionaries and it works fine.

I am now creating an iOS version and am concerned about memory and storage. These files aren’t huge but I want to do it the right way.

I’ve played a bit with dragging files into the IDE but that seems to just create a reference to the external file so I’m not sure what that buys me. I’m also not sure how to reference files attached in this way.

Any advice? Thank you.

A SQLite database would probably work for you.

It is never good practice to use files. Especially if you are concerned about the security and continuity of the application.

I agree with Greg. It is better to use a database.

Use those that have a small footprint, but have enough security level to get this.

I recommend you:
Interbase ToGo

If you don’t want a database, use this:
Core Data

SQLite it is. Thank you.

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