Best way for Android Studio clean reinstall?


I had done some quick early-access tests for Xojo Android builds a while back (months if not years ago)

It worked OK when running the app on the emulator

I got the production release of Xojo Android now, but I can’t seem to make Xojo communicate with the Android Emulator. Xojo can see the API/Emulator version, but I receive a generic Android compilation error:

Just a blank app - no code. Android Emulator OS version and API version doesn’t seem to impact the issue.

I am sure the issue is not with Xojo but with something on my own workstation interfering with the connection between Xojo and the emulator.

Does Xojo IDE drop logs anywhere I could investigate this issue?

Thank you

Have you tried creating a new account on your computer to see if you can compile there?

That’s a great idea. I am at work right now but I can try it this weekend. Thank you