Best Version for Windows 10, 11 stability

I write programs for students doing scientific research at the University of Connecticut. My users include both Mac and PC users, about equal in number. Most are running Windows 10 and now 11, and they report having stability issues. I am wondering if those Windows users can suggest which of the recent versions (last 4 years) provide the most stable applications. My programs are heavy into graphics and rely on many of the MBS plugins for both math and graphics.

I appreciate any comments or suggestions those of you using Windows 10 or 11 might have.

My first question would be what does ‘stability issues’ mean? Exceptions? Hard crashes?

I have apps running on both OS’s with a variety of Xojo versions with no issues. Are you using any plugins, libraries, or any 3rd party code?


On Windows, if you are using a lot of resources (RAM especially) I find that 64 bit xojo apps are more stable, since 32 bit EXEs are really constrained.

If you like API1, I find 2019R1.1 is the best version.

If you like API2, then probably the more recent versions will do better.

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Api1 32-bit 2019r1.1
Api2 64-bit 2022r3.2

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Hard crashes and exceptions, as well as flaky performance which does not correspond to the Mac versions. I am using lots of MBS plugins for graphics and extended math.

Very helpful. Thanks Mike and Eugene!

In my experience hard crashes are usually a misbehaving plugins. But exceptions should be fixable.

And soon 2022r4 as you can see few Issues reports of bizarre bugs closed for the upcoming release that are still present in the 2022r3.2 yet.

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32bit apps can only access 2GB of RAM unless compiled with /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flags. I do not know if Xojo compiles with it enabled.