Best practices for enterprise app

I am new to Xojo and I am wondering what the best approach is to developing a large enterprise-class application that includes standard accounting modules (GL, AR, and AP for example), inventory control, job costing, sales, etc. In a Windows forms project which I was unable to complete due to time constraints this was one large “solution” file with the modules contained in different folders within the solution. It produced a single Windows .exe file, which may or not be a great thing if a small change is made and the entire project needs to be compiled and distributed to customers.

What is the best way to approach this kind of development in Xojo? One big project that has everything, or should module be it’s own project? If there are multiple projects I don’t know how common code is shared … several modules can post to GL for example.

You can share modules between Xojo projects by making the modules external (right-click modules in the IDE and choose “Make External” and import them as external into other projects). Then there’s only one master copy of the module so any code changes end up in all the projects (you do need to recompile each project separately for those changes to appear in the built apps, of course).

We chose to go with multiple projects. Mostly to make updating easier. And if you want to purchase a ready made solution…

Thanks for the replies - it sounds like multiple projects is the way to go. I will have to explore the “make external” option. As for a ready made solution, our market is so specialized that it is probably not an option, not to mention our budget is tight.