Best place to install .sqlite file on Windows?

I am just about to use InnoSetup to create an Installer for my app on Windows. The be perfectly frank, I really don’t know a whole lot about Windows (apart from being able to use it).

My app includes an sqlite database that is stored on disk to be loaded by the app. Where is the best place to store that? I was also wondering if I could ask about InnoSetup.

The million dollar question.

Under normal circumstances I’d suggest anywhere but SharedApplicationData because it’s read only, but your database is readonly so just put it there.

I don’t use Innosetup though - I write my own installers.

There are many here who are knowledgeable about InnoSetup. And I would recommend SpecialFolder.ApplicationData, which is {userappdata} in InnoSetup.

Thanks Wayne

Thanks also to Tim. My next question has also been answered. Although I didn’t know if it would be SpecialFolder.ApplicationData, or not, I wondered how, in InnoSetup you targeted particular folder.

So thank you both very much. I am storing all these answers - to be sure I both learn them, and don’t ask them again.


Do you write your own installers in Xojo?



I guess a trip to Auckland for a Meetup is in my future :slight_smile: