Best linux server distro for WEB APP

Can anybody tell me what is the best linux distro for running xojo web apps from a server. And why?

Centos 7 64Bits in cloudserver is perfect

I’D use a 32bit version of Ubuntu and not worry about missing 64-bit libs.

For now, Ubuntu Server 32bit. If you don’t want to worry about server updates and security then go with or Xojo Cloud.

For trying stuff out on an hourly basis, I’ve used both and

I recommend Ubuntu 12.04 32bit or CentOS 5.9 32bit for our users. Stable distos, solid kernels, full Xojo compatibility with no shared library architecture headaches.

Thanks all. !!!

I highly recommend Ubuntu.

I host Xojo apps there. Both WE and Console apps.

I have DO droplets (VMs) that I have run apps on but using DO over a hosted solution (SeverWarp/1701hosting/XojoCloud) means you have to do all the work on configuring and maintaining the server.

I can recommend DigitalOcean (ubuntu 32-bit) as well as they are cheap, fast and easy to modify.

I know you didn’t ask for anything Windows related but Microsoft Azure VM’s are pretty good as well. WE Apps compiled for Windows automatically work as a windows service since they inherit from ServiceApplication. This means you can setup some fairly sophisticated failure modes where the Windows SCM (Service Control Manager) automatically restarts the service in the event of a failure. seems to have a pretty good, Xojo friendly reputation although I haven’t used them yet.