Best Linux for headless web edition

I have a small Xojo web app developed with Xojo 2020R2.1. Currently runnning as a services on a Windows 10 VM. I am carrying out some updates and would like to relocate the binary to a headless Linux server with as small a RAM footprint as I can get away with.

Recommendations for a suitable kernal and distro please.

I’m perfectly at ease with most flavours of Linux but would prefer to avoid wading through distros attempting to resolve missing dependancies.

Debian is the flavor I’ve had to apply the least hacks with, and thus I have become a Debian guy.

RAM requirements are going to fluctuate by what your app does. You could run a super small low traffic REST API on 512mb if you wanted to, but I’d start at 1gb for comfort.

Don’t forget to check out my app Lifeboat if you find my advice useful. It simplifies setting up a Linux VPS with all the packages a Xojo Web App requires, and makes deployment a simple drag and drop operation.


Exactly :slight_smile:

Thanks both for the pointer.

I placed our web app alongside a Pihole instance I have running under QEMU on our NAS. All seems to be working fine, once I tracked down the libsoup dependancy for URLConnection.

The app doesn’t do much more than provide an SMS front end for a 4G router that provides failover for our broadband line.