Best iOS ( and in future Android ) DB to choose?

Hi All,
I’m used to use SQlite on Windows & RPi. In a close future, I’m planning to add Mobile support, thus , I was wondering is all the pro & cons for Windows/RPI are applying as well for Ios ? ( ie : the app is the only thing connecting to the DB, 1 single uses and no advanced SQL requirements )
Thanks for your insights !

Hi @Lionel_M

If you don’t need data synchronisation… then SQLite is the way to go on iOS too. If you need to keep the device data synced with a remote DB/server… then you’ll need to build some kind of API in the server side that deals with the requests received by the iOS device and returns the data to it… so the device can keep that synced and stored (still) in a local SQLite database.

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Hi @Javier_Menendez , thanks a lot.
so yes, I just need to keep the data on the device and , from time to time do a backup of the content, but this will be very rare ( and even not sure I will provide this feature … )
I will do all my tests and design on desktop , the time for me to learn more about Ios …

Thanks a lot !

Probably the best database to use would be MongoDB. They have a pretty good free tier so you can try it.
The reason to use MongoDB for iOS is because it automatically gives you an HTTP query API that you can use with any HTTP client. No need to create an API on your own.
MongoDB Data API



After you install PostgREST

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Agree, many database services nowdays gives you some kind of API.

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Thanks for this, @Rick_A , I didn’t know it existed. Looks like it will save a lot of work if I can figure out how to use it :slight_smile:

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