Best HW/SW profile for Xojo on Linux 2022/23

I am considering to keep Xojo as prototype build environment. But want to stop using macOS next year.
Who has experience with Xojo on Linux? And what are the OS and HW experiences?
In other words, what WH and Linux version works best?

As an ex-engineer, I suggest Linux Mint. It’s far more stable than the others I tried over the years, both in general and for Xojo.

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I’ve been using Fedora since version 10 (version 37 is about to be released) and have found it stable with no important issues. I develop on a Windows box for both Windows and Linux simultaneously and everything runs just fine on both systems.

I’ve used Xojo on openSUSE Leap, Fedora, Ubuntu and elementaryOS.
All much the same in terms of using Xojo. There was an issue with control sizes in older versions of the IDE but they’ve been resolved for quite a while.
Are you keeping your current Mac hardware or looking for a new machine?

I do all of my coding on a Mint Linux Cinnamon platform. This has been very stable for me for over 4 years and many Xojo versions. For testing, I use virt-manager with KVM/QEMU and then test against the major distros as VMs. The only spec for the VMs that I use when remote debugging is to use 4GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores.