Best example app to test IDE?

I’m trying to decide if I should upgrade my main desktop machine to Ventura (see macOS Ventura and Xojo 2019r1.1 ) so I installed the Xojo IDE on a test machine (M1) running Ventura 13.1.

At that point, I had a question: what’s the best Desktop app (one included in the Xojo / Example Projects/ folder) to run, to determine if the IDE does, or does not work?

I did a quick test using

  • /Example Projects/Games/SpaceRocksDesktop
  • /Example Projects/Sample Applicatoins/EddiesElectronics/Desktop

Both of which worked fine.

Do you have a favorite for testing the IDE on macOS?

I think 2019r1.1 had known problems with Ventura, however, I can’t remember what they are. They are fixed in 2022r3.2 and later. There’s a lot in the Testers forum about the issues, which may be helpful if you have access.